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Pride & Shame album cover

Mixed by Ethan Stark
Produced by… Oops! A producer would’ve been nice.
Engineered by… that would’ve been great as well.
Mastering by Rickster
All songs written by Pride & Shame
Cover art by William Wright –

I Love You (For Now)

Red V – Drums
Jonny Meshugenah – Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead vocal
Melissa Sharlat – bg vox
Scott Parker – Lead guitar
Jaron Olevski – Piano
Eli Strauss – Tenor sax
Dylan Jennings – Baritone sax
Seth Dunn – Trumpet
Your mom – Skin Flute

The Art of Negativity

Red V – Drums
Rickster – Bass, guitar
Jonny Meshugenah – vocals
Melissa Sharlat – bg vox
Scott Parker – Lead guitar
Ethan Stark – Tambourine

Pray For You

Red V – Drums
Jonny Meshugenah – rhythm gtrs, bass, vocals
Melissa Sharlot – bg vocals
Andy Keenan – lead guitars

Dead Inside

Red V – Drums, tambourine
Rickster – Bass
Jonny Meshugenah – Gtr & vox
Dan Friedland – Violin

Adorable Sociopaths

Rickster – bass
Jonny Meshugenah – guitars, lead vocal
Red V – Drums
Stevie Meshugenah – ominous backing and bum-bum vocals


Jonny Meshugenah – Guitar, Midi programming, Vocal
McNutty – Bass, Guitar

Stagnant Man

Rickster – Bass
Red V – Drums
Jonny Meshugenah – Vocals, Guitar
Scott Parker – Slide guitar

Small Medium at Large

Rickster – guitars, backing vocals
Jonny Meshugenah – bass, vocal
Red V – Drums
Melissa Sharlat – backing vocals
Ethan Stark – Piano

Wrong Number


You’re A Boy

Larry Electric – Lead vocal
Red V – Drums
Rickster – bass
Jonny Meshugenah – guitars

Rainy Day Woman #13 & 26

Red V – Drums, tambourine
Jonny Meshugenah – Rhythm guitar & vocals
Melissa Sharlat – Vocals
Jaron Olevski – Upright bass, piano, organ, backing vocals
Andy Keenan – Lead guitar
Bob & Eric Kennedy – Backing vocals
Zach Djanikian – Backing vocals

We’d Like To Thank…

Jesus, Shiva, Allah, Xenu, Buddha, Zeus, Boognish, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Monocu, Your mom, Stifler’s mom, Our parents for shtupping (each other), Amos Lee, Jaron Olevsky, Andy Keenan, Scott Parker, Garri Banar, Mutlu Oneral, Bonnie Vysotsky, and Karen Bowman